Success Stories

The key to successful carrier management is a clear understanding of what you are being billed and more importantly, what you can do about it.  Data Management and Auditing the Package Level Detail from the carriers is an integral part of having a successful relationship with your carriers.  Below you will find a small sampling of some of the claims that have been filed on behalf of our clients.

Many audit companies focus on auditing invoices only, whereas Time to Track focuses on saving you money via both the audit and by teaching you the value of your data.


Success Story #1

In our weekly reports we can pinpoint shipping activity that we feel should be looked at on a regular basis.  Among the most significant controllable charges are: Address Corrections, Chargebacks and Unauthorized Consignee Billing.  By utilizing data on these reports, COMPANY A was able to reduce the weekly charges for these items as follows:

  • Address Correction Savings: $4,903.00 (Weekly)
  • Chargeback Savings: $411.86 (Weekly)
  • Unauthorized Consignee Billing Savings: $860.13 (Weekly)

Success Story #2

COMPANY B’s manifest system was failing to consolidate hundredweight shipments, sending 700 pound shipments as individual packages, for example.  After we pointed out the problem, they modified their system to manifest these packages correctly, saving approximately $20,000 per week!


Success Story #3

COMPANY C did not realize their contract was setup in a manner that they did not meet the minimum revenue tier to receive a discount and were paying published rates based upon their contract language.  With our help, they renegotiated and were able to receive the discount they were entitled.


Success Story #4

An analysis was completed to assist COMPANY D in determining the effect of the annual rate change.  It was determined that the annual rate increase to them would be 8%.  This was unacceptable and COMPANY D was able to renegotiate their contract and lower the effect of the rate increase to 3-4%.


Success Story #5

COMPANY E was overcharged $1.2 Million in one week (most packages were billed as Oversize, Over Max and Large Package).  This lead to excess charges of ~$100 per package.  We helped analyze the data and the bill was quickly corrected.


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